Foundation phase 2015 cohort
Pupil A
Pupil A is a 4 year old female who has a diagnosis of Periventricular Leukomalasia, Hypotonia, Epliepsy and Global Development Delay. Pupil A wears glasses.. She demonstrates limited communication and is non - verbal. Pupil A has been assessed as working between the levels of P2 is currently working on Routes For Learning. Within her current IEP she is working on:
Recognising familiar people, events and objects
Beginning to be proactive in her intentions. To communicate consistent preferences and affective responses
Beginning to wait and take turns.


Pupil a attends the screen straight away and tracks the movements of the character on screen (plots 1-7)
Pupil a continues to track the character on the screen as it bounces (plots 8-35)

From plot 35-40, Pupil A attends the words and numbers that appear on the screen and makes an excitable noise, despite the words not being English. This suggests that she is interested in text It has already been noted that Pupil A has a firm interest in reading and looking at books.
Pupil A attended to the loudest character who is moving. At plot 44, Pupil A attends and dwells at the loud character open mouth. This is confirmed by plots 82-90 when pupil A attends and dwells on the loud purple character and continues to track the very small movements it makes.


During plots 48-82, Pupil A continues to attend the loudest character on the screen, however she looks back and forth between both characters when they are having a conversation. She appears to track the conversation suggesting that she is aware of them turn taking during this conversation.

During plots 167-208, Pupil A does not attend the characters, but looks around the screen and appeared to dwell in one place for some time and not attend the characters on the screen.
Pupil A makes excitable noises each time a small clip in the video is coming to an end and the screen is not as busy. This could suggest she is mimicking behaviour learnt in class when activities come to an end.

Video 2 Powerpoint of still images - faces

Initially, Pupil A attended and appeared to be interested in the Bob the Builder on the screen (plots 1-7). Pupil A appears to look scan the picture systematically; looking at his outfit and then his hat. However, she does not attend for long.


When the slide changes, the pupils attends to the picture but very briefly (plot 40) and then continued to look at the rest of the screen. At plots 51-54 and plots 55-58, pupil A attends the screen and seems to systematically track the people in the photo in an anti-clockwise motion. Pupil A only attends to the left of the screen where there people are placed.

Pupil A then catches her reflection in the screen of the computer and seemed to focus on that (smiling and pulling faces at herself ) as oppose to the stills on the screen even when the picture changes.
When pupil a re-attends the screen (plot 82), she is drawn to the faces and seems to systematically looking at the children, going from right to left (plot 84-86).

At 1.45, pupil A’s attention is redirected back to the main of the screen (plot 113) as a large, cartoon smiling face appears on the screen. Pupil A then attends and scans the bright face, attending to the eyes and the round shape, again going to right to left (plots113-121).


At plot 129 and plot 140 pupil A’s attention is redirected on the screen suggesting that she is aware of the changes on the screen. She then pays fleeting attention to the screen which suggests that she is uninterested in the image.

Pupil A’s attention is bought back to the screen when Peppa Pig (a favourite) appears on the screen. She then attends to the left hand side of the screen and appears to be interested in ‘Daddy Pig’ and ‘George’ and the muddy puddle. Pupil A continues to show interest in this picture and she withdraws her attention when the picture changes.
She does not attend the still for the rest of the filming and carries on looking at her reflection in the black of the background.

Pupil A Frozen

Pupil A attends to the screen straight away and gets herself more comfortable in the chair. Pupil A shows interest in the characters movements on the screen.

Here, pupil A can be seen to be attending the 1st character and, although she does not attend the 2nd character when she enters the screen, pupil A attends the second characters faces when she comes into shot. As with the minion video, Pupil A is able to track the ‘conversation’ happening on the screen.

Pupil A seems to attend to conversations.

Pupil A Own Preference video.

Pupil A attends to the screen straight away and shows her excitement with vocalisations. During plots 1– 13, Pupil A attends the characters as they come into the centre of the shot. Pupil A attending to the new character when he appeared on the right hand side but attended to ‘mummy pig’ when she was in the centre of the screen. Again ,this suggests that, Pupil A attends to movement on her right hand side more often than her left.


This suggestion is also evident when ‘daddy pig’ appears; she attends to him as soon as he come into shot (plot 15).
Pupil A continues to be interested in the clip and tracks different faces within the bus (plot 22, 24, 25 and 26).
At 32 seconds, Pupil A turns around and smiles at me in excitement and then continues to attend the screen.

Pupil A continues to attend to faces throughout the rest of the clip. She is able to attend to the faces despite them being in a very visually busy screen. This suggests that Pupil A is more interested in the bright, flat cartoon faces compared to real life faces.

Pupil A is able to track the characters as they fall down the screen to the right hand side.

Pupil A
Roar– Katy Perry
Pupil A responded to the fast pace of the roar video by displaying significant more gaze plots. Here, it can be seen that pupil A displays 500+ gaze points during the 4 minute video.

However, it does seem, at times pupil A has some seizure activity during the filming which may account for the higher number of plots and the long dwell time for some spots.
In contrast to other videos (frozen and minions), Pupil A attends the screen after some time. At 17 seconds, when loud music begin, Pupil A begins to attend the screen. She explores the whole screen focuses in on the main aspect.
Throughout the filming, pupil A attends to a lot on the screen, but, at times, seems to not track anything specific on the screen. This could suggest that pupil A needs time to process things and needs activities given to her at a slower pace.


Again, consistent with other films, pupil A attends and seems interested in the faces of the characters.

Pupil A seems to try and attend the 2nd face that appears on the screen (plots 53-55) but the screen changes before her eyes manage to get to the face due to the face pace of the video.


Throughout the filming, pupil A attends to a lot on the screen, but, at times, seems to not track anything specific on the screen. This could suggest that pupil A needs time to process things and needs activities given to her at a slower pace.