Group One - Cognition Baseline Report –16.9.14
Pupil A

Pupil A is an 8 year old female who has a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. She demonstrates limited communication and is non-verbal. The pupil experiences involuntary repetitive movement of the hands which worsens when excited or anxious. She has limited attention and concentration skills and is long sighted, which is corrected with wearing glasses. Pupil A has been assessed as working between the levels of P2 and 3 and is currently working on Routes For Learning. Within her current IEP she is working on:
  • Modifying an action when repeating action does not work
  • Early problem solving, trying a new strategy when the old one fails.

Baseline Results:

The pupil watched a number of still images and video clips which were recorded using the Tobii Gaze Viewer.

Video 1 ‘Frozen’ song video clip.

Pupil A initially shows little interest in the video clip but attends to it after 14 seconds

At this point she looks at the face in some detail and then tracks movement as the character walks up stairs (gaze plots 10 to 15). Gaze plot 16/17 demonstrates that pupil A anticipates the characters movement forward.

She also looks across to the right of the screen before the character appears, this demonstrates she is anticipating someone else appearing as the other character moves out to the left of the scene. She then tracks between two characters from right to left of the screen 24 to 33 gaze plots. At this point she is distracted and the video is terminated after 40 seconds of viewing.

This recording demonstrates the ability that pupil A has to track a moving object and predict where it will move to. Also she is able to anticipate where an object may re-appear using discrete visual clues.

Video 2 ‘ROAR’ Katy Perry music video

Pupil A instantly attends to this video. Her attention is initially held by the largest object (gaze plot 1) then moves to a moving object, a flame (gaze plot 3 to 5).

She continues to scan the screen and then tracks the male and female faces (gaze plots 11 to 18). She tracks the characters and is looking at moving facial detail (gaze plots 19 to 27). Throughout this video pupil A tracks the movement of the characters and their facial expressions (gaze plot 79 / 80).


Again she is able to anticipate an objects appearance, as she searches the water for the crocodile before it appears on screen (gaze plots 74 to 77).


Pupil A demonstrates awareness of detailed and discrete visual information. The following gaze plots demonstrate this. Here she is looking at the ripped shirt and the spider on the characters shoulder (gaze plot 67 to 69).


She is aware of the lilies in the water (gaze plot 109 to 111) and the twinkling stars (gaze plot 112 to 128).


This recording demonstrates the ability that Pupil A has for locating an important object within a busy field without getting confused by the background or surrounding images. She is able to locate the main characters and track them as they move across the screen. However she is also able to look at fine detail within the video. Pupil A remains focussed on this video for 1 minute and 27 seconds, she has a brief look away from the screen (8 seconds) to look at the adult by her side (in further recordings the adult sits behind the student to limit distraction).

Video 3 Minions Song

This video clips provides further evidence that pupil A is able to fixate on an object then jump to another and also track moving objects. She is able to attend to the two characters on the screen, moving between them depending on which is making the sound (gaze plots 1 to 6). At gaze plot 9, after a loud noise the eye movement quickly moves away then back to character at gaze plot 10. This may suggest that the pupil expected something else to happen in the clip at this point. Similarly at gaze plot 36 she predicts a movement after a noise. She anticipates the character will move to the left of the screen and then leave the screen completely. This is in fact what happens.


Later on in the clip pupil A looks closely at 4 characters on the screen and does so in an ordered manner (gaze plots 51 to 94).

She spends plots 56, 57 and 94 looking at the character that is singing at that time.


Again pupil A demonstrates the ability to scan and find detail, at gaze point 63 to 65 she notices the appearance of the ‘hooter’.

Video 4 Powerpoint of still images - faces

This final clip provides further evidence that pupil A is able to search the screen to find important information and identify the main focus of the screen. She continues to look in an organised manner at the faces presented and will search the background and foreground in search of any additional visual information (gaze plots 69 to 75).


When presented with images of many faces, she will spend time looking at each face. She identifies the eyes and any other noticeable characteristics, e.g Mr Tumble's red nose (gaze plots 1 to 7).


The presence of eye contact, fixation on people regardless of their position on the screen and looking primarily at the eyes, all suggest that she has the desire and intent to communicate. The baseline information collected, would suggest pupil A demonstrates strong eye gaze, eye contact and visual tracking skills. The tobii gaze viewer will next be used to gain an insight into her cognitive ability including memory, attention and receptive language abilities.

This pupil has been using an eyegaze system for over a year and has just (November 2014) completed one of her Routes for Learning targets using it, with video evidence provided by the session recording.

See Pupil B evidence.