Eyegaze Programs:

There are a few FREE programs out there-especially on the web that can be effectively used with an eyegaze system for sensory and exploratory work. These all use mouse movements to create effects or dwells to create effects (like mouse clicks). Below are the ones we've found work well- so get them bookmarked on your eyegaze machines internet browser. There are also bought programs reviewed below as well which are coming out thick and fast and are very easy to use.

Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box- Free

Link Here

The best for very early sensory eye gaze! A great free, yes free! PC download from Simon Evans at www.senteacher.org and just updated in November 2014. This works just like the iPad app and has 24 sensory sound and light activities that work well with eyegaze- go into settings and switch it onto mouse control and the' midas' setting and any mouse movement over the screen will cause wonderful effects- from fire to rain to little grimbles, its super. There are also settings for touch screens, Leap Motion, switch access and vocal access too- so you should download it anyway!
Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 21.24.25.png

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 21.17.46.png

Inclusive Technology: Attention and Looking:

Inclusive Technology are releasing three sets of programs for eyegaze users that meet the needs of the user as they progress in their use of eye gaze. We have been fortunate enough to Beta test the first two- Attention and Looking and Exploring and Playing.

In Attention and Looking there are a range of tracking, fixating and locating activities all using the familiar bright and cheery graphics we come to expect from Inclusive Technology. The program may be a bit limited in it's longevity as an activity source- but as a teacher you'd find a range of other activities too anyway. It's real value lies in assessing the skill set that pupils have when using eyegaze systems and where to go next as the program also records sessions as heat maps or video- so you can record and save the session- essential for having a record of their work and also to mark progress and ability.
We've set up a central dropbox account so all the saved records are stored centrally and can be viewed by staff throughout the school- teachers, SLT, VI etc. The heat maps or recordings are created and can be saved very easily and quickly.

EyeGaze - Chase Me 4 - Heatmap.jpg

inclusive eyegaze attention.gif

Inclusive Technology: Exploring and Playing.

The second in the Inclusive Range and out in Feb 2015 this program has much more depth and longevity to it than the first one, it has six activities in each section- Exploring, Take Turns and Choice Making. There are some lovely activities on it for pupils who are moving on from the sensory and cause and effect aspect of eyegaze use to exploring and using the dwell function (mouse click). The familiar Inclusive Technology graphics and characters are in it too- it's lots of fun and recommended.
This video shows a pupil's first go on the Playground turn taking program- the eyetracking being done by the Gaze Viewer program above- he does it pretty much perfectly from start to finish and shows a range of skills. Each activity is made up of different 'level' that changes slightly as you progress- ending in the nice see-saw activity in this one. You can also set these turn taking activities to work with one pupil on the eyegaze and another on a switch.

This video is another Take Turns one called Chop Chop and again- the first try the pupil had on it.

As with the first program there are the analytics and reporting pages too to record pupil progress- both heat maps, line trace and video.
play ground analysis.jpg

Inclusive Technology: Choosing and Learning

choosing and learning main page.png
The third in the series - it takes you onto choice activities that such as choosing where items go, answering the phone and giving a plant water and sun. It moves you into the more formal side of eyegaze use and is a good bridge between fail free activities and ones where there is a focus and a correct choice or answer to be made.
choosing and learning preferred choices.pngchoosing and learning1.png
My only complaint with this is there is no back button for the pupils to navigate backwards independently - which you would want for pupils at this level. A good set of activities though.

Look To Learn- Bought Program.

Link here.
This software package from SmartboxAT has 40 eyegaze friendly interaction programs. They range from sensory and targeting programs to more complex drag and drop activities.
It is the standard package we use on our machines in school as it is easy to use, takes you through all of the stages of eyegaze use and it easily customised- it's an excellent program to start with and all of our machines have it on.
This is currently one of the main programs we are using for our whole school eye gaze project. The pupils are mainly favouring the video player, the fruit punching program and the bottle smasher at the moment!
One of the selling points for me are is ability to very easily insert photographs that are personal to the pupils into a lot of the activities and also videos.
There is a great 'look and play' video program that shows 2, 4 or 6 different videos side by side for the pupils to choose and watch. Link here.
Look to Learn white LOW RES.jpgFace splat analysis 1.jpg

A selection of the activities are also open-ended and designed to encourage conversations between the eyegaze user and the staff working with them.

There is also now an add on program called 'Scenes and Sounds' that when added is accessed through the same main page as Look to Learn and offers a further load of 26 great activities. It has been quite invaluable these last few weeks as some pupils have been using Look to Learn for over a year now and this has given some new fresh activities to try. There's some lovely simple music makers and great activities for practicing scanning and targeting.


EyeFX- Bought Program.

From Sensory Guru this program takes the user through most of the levels associated with early eye gaze with 30 different programs. It is well designed and very good for purpose and is also adaptable. Link to info here. We use this in our Reception class when the pupils are starting to first use eyegaze as it develops the very early eyegaze skills such as cause and effect, dwelling and timing.

It is currently however very expensive at £650 for one licence (which is more than the eyegaze units now!)- so you may be able to emulate some of the activities using the web and some of the other programs you already have in school- see list below.
eyefx screen shot.gif

Eyecanfly: Inclusive Technology.

This new game from Inclusive Technology (Jan 2015) is built for eyegaze. It has lots of flying activities where the pupil completes tasks or flies the plane around (you can't crash it- we tried). See the video below for a pupil using the Balloon Pop game.

It's really useful for those pupils who are at the exploratory stage of eyegaze use, or for more experienced eyegaze users to use as a fun activity.
There's also some addition games- one where you are a chicken and chase after coins for example and a running race one- loads of fun and the pupils in our school are absolutely loving it.

Screenshot 2015-01-20 17.14.40.png


The Beamz unit is an absolutely great bit of gesture based music technology. What's better is it is eyegaze compatible as well- the user touches the four lines to create a musical effect. I think it is a free download from the Beamz website as well- and you don't need a Beamz to play it. The musical effects all fit in with each other and the backing track as well so it sounds nice no matter how you play it!


ii-music- free download.

The Skoog people have created an eyegaze compatible music making program called ii-music, Get the download here- just register with an email account first. It also controls the Skoog2 which is coming out soon. Moving over the different circles creates different musical effects froma variety of instruments. Nice.