Group two - Receptive Language
Baseline Report - 26.01.15
Pupil C

Pupil C is 13 year old young man with severe global developmental delay, learning difficulties and social communication problems. He has various obsessions and preoccupations and displays various repetitive movements. It is considered that he fulfils the criteria for Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Speech and language reports explain that pupil C has delayed speech and language skills. He will use some spontaneous language if motivated and mainly communicates through simple signs and through gesture. Pupil C is reluctant to interact and will chose to isolate himself. He is extremely sensitive to change and needs preparation for changes in routines and new tasks.
The current IEP targets for pupil C are:
  • Identify the difference between large and small objects by matching large to large and small to small objects.
  • Place the letters of name in the correct order. Overwrite name and begin to make meaningful marks when underwriting my name.
  • Play co-operatively with others sharing favourite items.

Pupil C has currently been assessed as working around Pivats level P5 / 6.

Baseline results:
Pupil C watched a selection of short video clips with varying content, recordings were limited as pupil C gets highly excitable and was unable to remain seated for the majority of the sessions.

Video 1: The Muppets

Pupil C was focused for much of this clip. He remained within a reasonable distance from the screen, but did move periodically, although his attention was on the screen, the recording device may not have detected this.

Pupil C attends to clip immediately, although gaze plot 1 and 2 were slightly off to the left of the screen. Heat spots follow the initial gaze plots but when the on screen texts starts to move and the gaze plots reappear although slightly lower than the text.

Pupil C’s gaze remains to the lower section of the screen and he is able to operate the lower tool bar. At gaze plot 31 and 32 he appears to be looking at the two characters, although at this point pupil C was not sitting on the chair positioned in front of recording device. From this point (20seconds into clip) attention appears fleeting. Attention on screen returns around 1 minute into the clip.

At gaze plot 71, pupil C shows an awareness that an additional character has entered the screen. From this point on, although pupil C appeared to attend to the video clip, very few gaze plots or heat spots were recorded.

Video Clip 2: Spiderman film
Again pupil C attends immediately and his gaze is mainly at the lower part of the screen, where he is able to operate the tool bar using his gaze.

At gaze plot 26 to 78, pupil C appears to be searching the lower section of the screen, paying particular attention to the central and left positions. From this point onwards, attention is fleeting and sporadic . The clip was terminated after 2minutes and 58 seconds.


Further recordings were made, using a selection of different clips, videos and stories. Limited data was collected as pupil C preferred to view the screen from a standing position at around a 1 metre distance, the recording device was unable to track his eye movements.